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Website visitor:
It was you guys (you, Arnold, Draper, Zane) that helped us guys, from Brooklyn, New York, to push the intensity in our own “dungeon” on Bath Avenue back in the ’70’s. I’m 52 years old now and I’m still training here at Gold’s Gym in Brooklyn Heights. Thanks for all the motivation, the dreams of greatness and for giving us a “purpose” for all those early morning workouts. You and the rest of the guys are still the greatest.

Ed: I began my career, at the age of 37. Everyone told me that I was “Over the hill”, because of my age. That I wouldn’t be able to developed and improve. I wondered . . . is this true? Am I washed up? This pissed me off! And so I perused this goal, to improve, look better and younger, and not to believe in the myth, that one should slow down, as one gets older. Example! I am able, at 72, to do Triceps Kickbacks with 130 lb dumbbells. I am often asked now at my gym, “why do you train with such heavy weights?” . . . My answer, “because I can! You are to be congratulated, 52 going on 32!

Website visitor:
I was just surfing through your web site. My question is this: “Did you train with a German bodybuilder named Jusup Wilkosz during your hey day?” I see you were in some pictures with him.

Ed: Yes, I moved to Stugart, Germany for 4 months to train with Joep Wilcoz in preparation for the 1983 Olympia (which was held in Munich). Stay healthy and thanks for the visit.

Website visitor:
I am from India and an avid fan. I can’t even keep track of the number of times that I have seen the video of “Pumping Iron” just to hear Arnold say, “That’s what I call posing.” May you keep pumping.

Ed: Thanks for the visit. Yes “Pumping Iron” is also my favorite movie because I lived it! It was enjoyable making the movie. Posing, for me, has always been a very personal expression . . . a way to display my physique in order to convey my feelings and emotions . . . directly from the heart. “Now, that’s what I call posing”.

Website visitor:
I’ve been keeping up with your career for quite some time now. I am a 54-year-old bodybuilder from Atlanta, Georgia and I’m getting ready to enter my first contest this summer. I had two heart attacks back in 1999 and, per my doctor’s orders, I was supposed to never bodybuild again. It took almost seven years for me to get back to the place where I’m at now . . . thanks to people like you. It doesn’t matter if I win the show or not, because just to be on stage will make me a winner.

Ed: Congrats! We are survivors, NOT victims. Get in shape and beat them all! Remember, no one can stop you, but you.

Repy from website visitor:
Thanks, Ed for the information. My daughter bought me Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” for Christmas this year. My favorite section begins on page 627. It shows YOURS TRUELY doing 27 different poses . . . it’s amazing. Thanks so much for sharing and helping others. One day I will buy one of your autographed pictures for my home gym. It will be the only thing on the wall. It means a lot to me that you find the time to help others such as myself. In my opinion, you are in the top 10 bodybuilders of all time, and yet you still find time to help us “unknowns”. You just can’t imagine the feeling that I get when I get an e-mail like this, from a great bodybuilder like yourself. I have shared them with my daughter, who is also a bodybuilder, and she is so excited that someone of your caliber would write to us. By the way, I’m checking out your web site, as well as some of the old magazines, in order to understand the CORRECT way to pose. Like Arnold said “THAT IS WHAT I CALL POSING”. We know who he is talking about!

Ed: The following set up will help you to perfect your posing:

  • Set up your garage with overhead spotlights that will spot you at an angle, (preferably 4 Spot lights) not directly overhead.
  • Place 3’ width, full length mirrors in the front, right side, rear, and left side. Adjust them so you can see your self from all angles.
  • Attach 3’ x 3′ Mirrors to 3/4′ plywood, with a 2′ border, hinged, to be able to see yourself at any angle, top front and top rear.
  • Place a 6′ x 6′ rug on the floor. Now you are ready to practice posing to the music of your choice.
    Pick a song that stirs emotions in you about a “special someone”.
  • Execute a purposeful transition to each next pose.
  • Hold each pose for 4 counts
  • Be super-critical of everything you do . . . hand gestures, facial expressions, foot placement
  • Pose from the top to bottom. For example: a great Double Biceps pose executed with relaxed thighs or with your stomach pooched out does NOT work.

Get in shape! Practice posing! Create a beautiful presentation.

Website visitor:
I am 5′ 6″ and I weigh about 145 lbs. I want to get to at least 150 lbs. before my contest. What worked for developing your chest? I’m having a hard time with my pecs.

Ed: The development of one’s chest incorporates performing a series of exercises that work each specific and seperate part of the chest.

  • Flat Bench Press using Dumbbells or Barbells, (Center fibers).
  • Incline Bench Press, using Dumbbells or Barbells,
    (Upper fibers).
  • Decline Bench Press, using Dumbbells or Barbells,
    (Lower fibers)
  • Flye movements, using Dumbbells or Cables (on either of the above benches)
    (Outer & Inner fibers)
  • Do 3 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise using the Pyramid Principle,
    (Add more weight each set)

You can also use various machines to accomplish these movements. They all work, and they’re all good! Performing all these exercises will result in the development of the chest that you desire.

Website visitor:
It is such a joy and a blessing to find you active, both physically and technically, in the new web world of bodybuilding. I began training and following the sport in the early to mid 1970s. I’ve had the chance to meet Arnold, Frank Zane, Franco and many others from that GREAT time period, but sadly, not you . . . yet. With legends like yourself, Dave Draper and Bill Grant, etc. offering an Internet presence, perhaps some of the next generation can understand and appreciate the values of the age when bodybuilding was GREAT! What many of us refer to as the IronAge! I wish you all the best with your new endeavors and am thankful that you have found us at IronAge.us, where we hold you in the highest esteem!

Ed: Thanks, I appreciate the visit and kind words. Man, you know, training back then wasn’t “personal”, no attitudes, no macho behavior . . . simply lifting weights. The stronger you got, the heavier the weights you lifted. What a natural high!

Website visitor:
I cannot believe you are reading my words. I’m a 29-year-old bodybuilder, and I have trained for 3 years now. I got a late start, like you, but I want to be an IFBB Pro someday . . . so, thanks a lot for the tips and inspiration. You are one of the greatest ever!

Ed: Thank you for your kind words. Remember no one can stop you from reaching your IFBB goal, but you! If I can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask!

Reply from website visitor:
Thanks for your words. You are not only one of the greatest bodybuilders ever, you are also a very nice person as well . . . no “big head” about all of your success . . . I will print your e-mails and stick them on my wall, for inspiration. Long life to you Eddie!!

Website visitor:
Just want to tell you what an inspiration you are at age 72 to a guy like me who’s now 52. Seriously, where do you get the energy and stamina to work out seven days a week? I can barely go for one hour of intense training once a week. In fact, I find that two days after my workout, I develop cold-like symptoms; headaches, fevers, soar throat, etc. Am I therefore now doomed at my age to only have light, infrequent workouts? Any advice?

Ed: Like I always have said, It’s “Mind over Matter”. Continue Training, no matter what! One short intensive workout is far better than three long “social” workouts. Remember that “doers don’t talk and talkers don’t do”! You may also find it helpful to always get a good night’s rest . . . maybe have a glass of wine now and then . . . maybe a hot glass of milk or some TV or music . . . in short, relax!